The proposals for North Walsham West are informed by evidence and policies which are summarised on this page.

District wide Infrastructure Position Statement (2019)

In order to ensure new development delivers sustainable communities, the infrastructure, facilities and service needs of these populations must be properly
planned for. An Interim Infrastructure Position Statement (IPS) for the whole District has been produced to inform the development of the New Local Plan and the production of the development brief for North Walsham West.  The IPS is currently being reviewed and updated throughout 2021.

An Infrastructure Delivery Plan will be produced out for North Walsham West.

The North Norfolk IPS provides evidence to support preparation of strategic policies to deliver:

  • The provision of infrastructure for transport, telecommunications, waste management, water supply, wastewater, flood risk and coastal change management, the provision of health, security, community and cultural infrastructure and other local facilities; and,
  • climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment, including landscape

The purpose of the North Norfolk IPS is:

  • To establish current infrastructure provision and capacity;
  • to identify the strategic infrastructure needs arising from new residential and economic development for the District for the plan period to 2036; and
  • identify, in broad terms, potential funding and delivery mechanisms.

The Infrastructure Position Statement can be found here: IPS (opens in new window)

Last Reviewed: Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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