Transport and Movement

Draft Aims

North Walsham West will be served by a comprehensive multi model transport network which encourages healthy communities with networks that facilitate safe and attractive active transportation, such as cycling and walking.

This new development will have streets that are designed, constructed and maintained to support all users and all modes of transportation.  The development will be based on integrated transportation and land use planning with uses located so as to minimises the use of private motor vehicles.

It will support economic vitality by reducing congestion on roads so that people and freight can access destinations with limited delay.

Key Requirements

Walking and Cycling

North Walsham West will have a network of interconnected streets, green corridors and open spaces that are easy to move around on foot and by cycle.  The overall aim is to ensure that most local trips can be made on foot or by cycle.  The walking and cycling network will link with the key community facilities such as the school, local centre, football club and the main Weavers Way green corridor.  These new paths will link to existing footpaths to ensure new residents can walk and cycle into the town centre and the adjoining countryside.

Public Transport

The town has good road and public transport connectivity with hourly rail services to Cromer, Sheringham and Norwich and also serves as a district hub for a number of bus services. NW West will provide cycling and walking connections to the railway station and will provide bus services through the new development.

Road Connections

The development will provide a new link road that connects Norwich Road to Cromer Road and provides a suitable route over the railway to connect with the industrial estate, the B1145 and to the wider road network. This new road will be a single carriageway and will be the main street through the development  suitable for all modes of transport including safe walking and cycling, buses and Heavy Goods Vehicles. It will be subject to a detailed design approach which ensures it is an attractive street which is part of the new community rather than a trunk or through route to elsewhere. Traffic speeds will be managed and regular safe crossing points provided. This new link will enable the reduction of HGV traffic from adjacent residential areas.

The development will fully mitigate its impacts on the off site road network.

The future of personal transport will have to be considered on North Walsham West. Over the next 50 years electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles are likely to be common place and the road and street network should be designed to ensure it will cope with future demands. There will be also consideration for land uses such as car-pooling or pick up areas.




Last Reviewed: Monday, June 28, 2021

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