Western Link Road

North Walsham West will provide a new Western Link Road that connects Norwich Road to Cromer Road and provides a suitable route over the railway to connect with the industrial estate, the B1145 and to the wider road network.

Much more detailed design and feasibility work is required on the Western Link Road and proposals shown on the Illustrative Plan or only for illustrative purposes in order to show one, feasible, route of the road.

This new road will be a single carriageway and will be the main residential street through the development suitable for all modes of transport including safe walking and cycling, buses and provide a link for heavy goods vehicles into the Industrial Estate. It will be subject to a detailed design approach which ensures it is an attractive main street which is part of the new community rather than a trunk or through route to elsewhere. Traffic speeds will be managed and regular safe crossing points provided. This new link will enable the reduction of HGV traffic from adjacent residential areas.

The road will provide segregated walking and cycle paths that will link to the off road cycling and walking routes throughout the development. It will provide safe crossing points and provide an imaginative and innovative solution for the Weavers Way crossing.

New junctions will be provided on all road connections which may include new roundabouts, however, the junction detail will be determined at planning application stage.

It is expected that all new development will be served off the Western Link Road and will also take through traffic away from existing residential streets such as Millfield Road, Station Road and Aylsham Road.

The Western Link Road will provide a HGV link along Bradfield Road including a suitable solution for crossing over the railway. This may result in the existing bridge over the railway remaining with the introduction of traffic lights to allow for one way, staggered, working. Further work is being undertaken to understand all the considerations along Bradfield Road – linking into the Industrial Estate.

Further information on the work that has been done, so far, on the feasibility of the Western Link Road can be found on the 'Evidence' tab which contains the North Walsham Western Link Road Feasibility Study (opens in new window).

Last Reviewed: Monday, April 12, 2021

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