Off site improvements

The traffic associated with the development at NW West, even with the new Western Link Road, will change how vehicles move around the town. Some of this impact will be positive whilst other impacts may see more traffic going through a particular junction.

On the positive side, residential roads that currently see high levels of through traffic on the western side of town such as Millfield Road, Station Road and Aylsham Road could see a reduced level of traffic when the Western Link Road is fully complete. A reduction in traffic on these routes may allow for opportunities to make these roads more pedestrian and cycling friendly to provide safe routes into town and to key services.

As the Link Road is completed this will see a redistribution of traffic as people start to use new routes to get into, and around, town. Some of the existing junctions such as the Norwich Road/A149 and the Cromer Road/A149 will see an increase in traffic. This increase in traffic may require some works to how the junctions operate, which could be changing to the light phasing or physical works to the junctions. This level of detail will not be known until the work is carried out at the planning application stage. See the Evidence section for more details on what we currently understand about the impact that NW West will have on traffic in the town.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, April 15, 2021

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